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White Butterbur

This plant, native of Europe, naturalised in UK, but rare, is in Colden Dale. I stumbled upon it today. It is a bit smaller than the common butterbur, but quite spectacular. There are many flowers up now, in a spot well off the usual footpaths.

Frank Murgatroyd in his Flora of the Halifax Parish (1995) has it only in a wood near the Ainleys, Elland, and Bullace Trees Wood, Sowerby. The West Yorkshire Plant Atlas only mentions a site near Storthes Hall, Huddersfield.

If any plant enthusiasts want to see it, I can probably arrange time next weekend to lead an
impromtu HSS walk up to see it, (about 1 hour easy walking,) while it is in flower.

Eight very fresh clumps of frogspawn in one of the silted-up dams there today.

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Waxwings still around

There were 31 Waxwings roosting in a tree in Ogden car park yesterday.
Plenty of birdsong just below the car park now. A female Goldeneye around, plus the usual birds.

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Report of frogspawn at Heptonstall (before 25th Feb.)
Also a few toads have been tempted out by the milder weather at Greetland and Lumbutts.

It’s time to watch out for the yellow-jacketed people who stand about picking toads up just before they get flattened by traffic ( They often appear mostly after dark.) Somebody suggested they should put little yellow jackets on the toads 🙂

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What a beautiful Spring day yesterday, sunshine, bird song and a 7 spot ladybird in the garden, first one of the year.

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First bees

Spring is on its way; I’ve seen my first bumble bee and a solitary bee (on crocus) today.

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Botanical literature wanted.

Hi all,

I’m searching for either books or reports which cover the distribution of plants (as many groups as possible) within Calderdale. Any contacts or info will be much appreciated and hopefully aid my search for local lepidoptera no end.


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Waxwings and Curlew

About 20 Waxwing were in the car park area at Ogden this lunch time. (P.R.)
Also a curlew flew low overhead calling. (B.H.)

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