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Beetle id help please

Walking at Langfield Edge this morning I nearly stepped on this chap (or chapess?). I’m sure it is common but can anyone help with id please as I can’t find it in my books.

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Further finds of Bee orchid at Sterne Mills

Michael S. found a pair of flower spikes a few days later about 9 paces from the first one the group of us saw on 18th June.

Then, when I went down to see them with him, I found another. So that’s 4 spikes so far.

I have informed West Yorkshire Ecology, and am in correspondance with the Chief Ecologist at ARUP Consultants for the developer who has planning permission to build over this beautiful green space.

The Ecologist is talking about transplanting and the creation of an “orchid bank”.

Michael has sent me an image of the new spikes he found, but I am unable to attach them to this. I am working on my old desktop as my laptop has broken down. This might mean me being a bit out of touch for a while.

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Evening Walk

Sorry for the short notice, Folks. I’ve been away in Norfolk.

There is an unscheduled walk arranged for tomorrow evening, that is Thursday 30th June. Leader – me.

Meet for a “Gentle Constitutional” (i.e. a flat walk with no stiles) at Ogden Reservoir. Rendevous at the closed cafe/shop at 7.15pm for a 7.30 start. We will be walking along the shore path. (Not all the way round the res.) Approx return to carpark at 9.00pm. Last time I was there I enjoyed the haunting sounds of 2 species of geese as they came in overhead and gathered for the night on the water. Whatever you think of Canada geese it is a spectacle of nature. The other species? Some may want to do the i.d . for themselves.

(No guarantee both species will be there, but we are sure to hear birdsong, and maybe a few bats will be out.)

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Bee Orchids

These superb Bee Orchids were recently found at Stern Mills, Sowerby Bridge by Michael Sykes. This site is soon to be bulldozed and put under concrete!

Bee Orchids, Stern Mills. © M.Sykes
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Floating pennywort?

Hello All,

Floating pennywort is a highly invasive plant which covers the surface of waterbodies and eventually kills aquatic life as well as being a ‘blockage’ nuisance to water users such as anglers and the boating fraternity. It spreads rapidly and has been recorded in the River Calder and Calder and Hebble Navigation.

This year the Calder and Colne Rivers Trust will take the lead in trying to eliminate Floating pennywort from our catchment area. They will work closely with British Waterways, Environment Agency and others. It is intended that Floating pennywort be sprayed in the summer and autumn with approved herbicide using the latest recommended methodology.

If you are unaware of what this plant looks like information about it can be found at

Help is needed in identifying where the plant is growing. Please report any sightings to Mike Adams at or 01924 275644.


Hugh Firman, Conservation Officer, Calderdale Council

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Tuesday 28th June at Cromwell Bottom – Meeting Cancelled.

                      But the walk there will go ahead.

From: Robin Dalton
Sent: 21 June 2011 17:21
To: Hugh Firman
Subject: Cancelled meeting and Evening Wildlife Stroll
Dear All,
Due to an issue with the timings and venue which arose whilst I was on annual leave, I again find myself extending my sincerest apologies in having to cancel the proposed meeting to look into the opportunities available in setting up a Friends Group at Cromwell Bottom. This was due to be held at the Cartwheel Club on Tuesday 28th June.
I appreciate your patience on this and hope you will bear with me. The next date in July will be definitive, with absolutely no chance of hic-ups (though I am expecting my second child near the time, but Hugh says he can cover regardless – the meeting not the delivery!!)
However, if you still are free on Tuesday, myself and Hugh will be having a stroll around Cromwell Bottom to look at the wildlife interest this time of year. Meeting in the Fishermans car park at 7:00pm, opposite the pallet works. It’d be great if you are able to come along and hopefully see you there.
Best wishes.
Robin Dalton
Area Countryside Officer – Lower Valley
Safer, Cleaner, Greener
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7-spot ladybird Coccinella 7-punctata

Lavae of 7-spot ladybird
This larvae was seen on June 12th in Holmfield. Not many ladybirds seen this year. 

Nursery tent of P. mirabilis

This nursery web of the spider Pisura mirabilis was found at Stern mills on 18th June.

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Next Walk – a reminder

Our next walk is this Saturday June 18th

Meet Colin Duke at Hollas Lane for a botanical search of Sterne Mills. This plant and bird-rich area is under threat of development. Easy walking.
Meet at SE077232 at 10:30am  Map

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More Tree Sparrows

An afternoon circular North of Brighouse produced some good views (but not too close) of half a dozen Tree Sparrows, in and around a barn at Woolrow Farm. This is about a mile West of the established site at Jay House Lane, so these birds could either be from that site, or possibly be part of a new colony. The farm is at the end of a very narrow track which leads down to Bailiffe Bridge; map ref 152245
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Sterne Mills Wildlife Destruction allowed

The applicationto develop the Copley /Sowerby Bridge Valley was passed yesterday.
If any nesting birds can be found, that SHOULD hold up starting until the young have flown.
Despite heavy showers this evening, it was evident that Willow Warbler, (2 males singing) a pair of Common Whitethroat, Grey Wagtail and Song Thrush were on the site and therefore probably breeding. A mallard duck had a newly hatched flotilla of ducklings on the river.
The rare Fern Grass is flowering away on the gravel areas, and the Red Campion is in full bloom.
In April I found native Primrose blooming on the canal bank beside the bridge they are going to widen to the size of a major trunk road.
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