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A Skircoat-found chrysalis

Produced this.

I.d. anybody?

Closest I can get is a species of swift ?

It survived the attentions of the curious fingers of a four year-old granddaughter .

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We may have to get used to a new name for our out of control R. ponticum. A new study says that our ‘wild’ Rhodo in this country is such a mish mash of hybrids that it should be called Rhododendron x superponticum.

See article–June-2011 and click on the ‘naturalised rhododendrons’ link.

Quote: “Differs from wild R. ponticum in that it is

extremely vigorous and invasive and has a wider range of corolla and

corolla-spot colour”.

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Soil Hill

A visit to Soil hill this morning produced just a few birds.
3 kestrel
1 Stock dove
3 Skylark, 1 singing
a few mipits. Jackdaw, Crow

Lots of swallow activity at Cock Hill Gate Farm (SE071304).

The top is becoming quite green now, lots of growth,
worth following its progress. The down side is its
becoming even more hazardous to walk over as the
bricks and wire are hidden.
I expected a pond or two, none seen on top, just
water in the ruts and on the path.

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Geology Meeting

There will be a meeting of the YGS/WYGT Yorkshire Rock, Fossil and Mineral Day on Saturday September 24th at the National Coal Mining Museum, Wakefield.

West Yorkshire Geology Trust Site link

and National Coal Mining Museum link

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on

September 24th.

Document link on this Blog (YGS page)


Alison Tymon

Yorkshire Geological Society

West Yorkshire Geology Trust

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What’s going on?

A scene in my shed.

Can anybody tell what is happening in this picture. Enlarge to see. A bit blurred – it was a hurried photo.

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