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Muntjac Deer

In the Todmorden paper it mentions one of our local landowners near Cross Stone, breeding exotic animals such as Wallabies, Ostriches and Nothern Elk. He also has 2 Muntjac Deer. He does this through his work running Live Animal Capture

Muntjac Deer are very destructive. They will eat coppice shoots, natural regeneration, bluebell bulbs, primulas etc. In other parts of the country this non-native deer is causing considerable damage and because the female can be pregnant in any month of the year, populations can rise quickly.

There are Muntjac in South Yorkshire and I believe some near Shibden. Let’s hope we don’t get any breeding populations in the valley.

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Cromwell Bottom

There will be a site meeting at Cromwell Bottom this Saturday 26th November at 9:30am to look at various areas with regards to the development of wildlife habitats. Everyone welcome to attend.

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North Loop Re-Capping

A reminder that there will be a meeting in Brighouse this Wednesday, November 9th to discuss the capping of the North Loop at Cromwell Bottom L.N.R. This will inevitably affect ground and scrub nesting birds as well as other vertebrates.
Full details here: 

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