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Results of Meeting on 30th January re Budget proposals

Please find attached a note from Monday's well attended meeting. 
This has been emailed to colleagues from Anthony Rae.
The deadline is next Wednesday 8th February budget(at); the 
following Monday 13th is when the Cabinet will actually make its budget recommendations.

I've already prepared a draft of our joint statement and I will circulate it to you as soon as possible for comment/approval;

Then next Thursday 9th February 6 p.m. the council's Communities Scrutiny panel will be reviewing budget proposals including the Countryside Service. 
That is when I will present our joint statement and I would recommend you attend if you can/want to. You often get a chance to submit your views in person.
   also find attached a copy of an article that appeared in yesterday's Courier.

Anthony     Link to Minutes of Mondays Meeting   Link to Courier article


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Violet coral fungi

Fungi. Clavaria zollingeri  © Micheal Sykes

Clavaria zollingeri, Commonly known as the violet coral or the magenta coral.
This specimen was found by Michael Sykes a couple of years ago. It is rare in the Uk and usually only found in the south. it appears occasionally in the Blackshaw Head area of Calderdale.

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S. austriaca  © Michael Sykes

Scarlet Elf Cup from near Wakefield Road, Copley.

Picture taken on 26/1/2012 by M. Sykes.

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Myxomatosis Strikes

Among the scores of healthy Rabbits in Luddenden Dean today was this one individual showing signs of myxomatosis. The picture could be better but the swollen eye and orbit can be seeing on enlarging the image. The animal chose to crouch down and lay still as opposed to it’s neighbours which ran away.

Rabbit with enlarged eyesockets

Also seen was one Weasel scurrying across the road.

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Galanthus navalis © Michael Sykes

Snowdrops in flower.

Picture: Michael Sykes

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A male Blackcap appeared in a garden near Well Head Park (Halifax) on 10th Jan. It defended the feeders against all other birds, forcing them to feed on the ground.

On 13th Jan in the morning, it was seen to fly high over the house towards the east, and hasn’t returned.

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Change of Speaker

The speaker booked for Tuesday 14th February is unable to attend.
Finn Jensen has kindly stepped in with a talk entitled “Climate Change”.  All Welcome at the usual venue. Halifax Central Library at 7:15pm.

Thank you Finn

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Countryside Unit but not as we know it

I have just read the budget proposals and attended a meeting at Tod Town Hall. It is proposed to remove the Countryside Unit from the Council budget. Ideas, not yet thought out are to place it totally separate from the council and into a charitable trust. According to Courier and the budget proposals, there are to be job implications in countryside and forestry. I have just received this info:-

“There is a meeting on the 30th January organised by Calderdale Sustainability Forum being held 30th January at 4.30pm above Mytholmroyd Library regarding the Council’s proposed budget and the impact this is likely to have upon Calderdale’s Countryside Service. For more information Calderdale Sustainability Forum email The budget proposals can be found at

All consultation ends on 13th Feb so not much time.

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Northern L.T.T.

The northern long tailed tits are still about. There was one with about 8  LTT’s this am near the lower lodge, Luddenden Dean.

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Two days ago we had a nuthatch investigating our birdbox in the wood at Todmorden and pecking at the hole to widen it. Spring must not be far away!

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