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Misty Soil Hill

In the mist this morning:
11 Linnet
5 Lapwing
Buzzard through a gap in the mist and then back in.
GP calling
1 Peregrine shot through at close range – too quick for a shot.
At least 6 Sky lark
2 female Wheatear
The sun came out and there were 4 mallard

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Red Kite over Brighouse

One of the Red Kites spotted by Mike Henshaw

A Yellow Wagtail was near the ski lake Saturday and Sunday – an uncommon sight in Calderdale – David.

Also two Red Kites were drifting over nearby Brighouse Saturday morning by Mike.

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Arctosa perita 15 04 12

Found this interesting Spider, Arctosa perita whilst walking on Whiteholme Drain on 15 04 12,never noticed it up there before in the many years i have been going up there,seems to be more Coastal,though records also from sandy areas inland,just wondering,as anyone else recorded it Locally ? regards Bri.

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Plant ID?

Can anyone identify this aquatic plant for me please?

It’s been suggested it might be Watercress?

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Walk leaders gen up on first aid

Bruce Hoyle and Steve Blacksmith, two of the walk leaders with Halifax Scientific Society, and on the Wildside Walk programme with the Council Countryside Service, went on a course yesterday.

From 8.45 to 17.00, with glorious views outside the classroom of Ogden Reservoir, the woods, and the moors beyond, they grappled with techniques of emergency first aid under the trainer from First Aid Professionals of Halifax, a course provided free by Calderdale Council.

Birds were singing outside, including a Willow Warbler and a Chiff Chaff.

There were 9 other participants on the course.

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Two of us were called by a member of the public who wanted to clean out their small pond at Pellon, but found “lots” of newts in the silt in the bottom. There were no plants whatsover in the pond, and no newts visible, but when we started netting the silt we soon found these, all males and all Palmate Newts. We advised they’ve left it too late for this year, and should wait till next winter. 
The male can easily be identified in spring by his raised crest which is only on the top of his tail, not his back and tail. Also a feature which only Palmate males have is a little black thread-like appendage to the end of his tail.
Smooth Newt (sometimes called “Common Newt”- a misnomer for Calderdale) has only been known from Cromwell Bottom, at Newt Corner along with Palmates, but this spring has been found high up at Todmorden, near Sourhall, by Charles Flynn. The find of the year – so far!
The internationally threatened, legally protected Great Crested or Warty (as opposed to Smooth) Newt is known from 3 places in Calderdale, all on private land. At least 2 of these sites had them introduced a long time ago on license.
These three were put in a pond nearby where they would be safe.

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Unusual triple-egg clutch of Collared Dove

These were laid this month in a spruce in Pellon. They almost always lay just 2 eggs, as do most of the dove and pigeon family. They are always white, a characteristic of eggs laid in dark places, but many of the family build flat platforms of twigs in exposed places. Exceptions in our area – Feral Pigeons and Stock Dove.
I have a Collared Dove nest from Hanson Lane, West Central Halifax, built entirely of electrical wire, various colours, collected in the BT yard opposite. The nest came down with some winter hawthorn tree prunings.
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Wildside Walk from Ripponden.

Coprinus micaneus
Lycogala epidendrum – an early record
of this slime mould.

     St Bartholomew’s ChurchRipponden

Sarcoscypha austriaca –usually gone by February.  

Mike Sykes joined us for a short time on one of the Calderdale Wildside walks at Ripponden today. There were 14 of us. On his way back he found several fungi and a slime mould. Also the party saw some of the native daffodils near Rishworth and the very reliable Little Owl on Cliff Lane.

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Help toads across Calderdale roads

 Published on Wednesday 11 April 2012 10:30 
THE council has published a new list of accident blackspots where the victims are amphibious.
Toad crossing points have been identified on six stretches of road, mainly in the upper Calder Valley.
It is a terrifying time for toads because when the weather gets warmer, they have to begin a perilous annual migration to their breeding ponds.
These are often across busy roads where they run the risk of being run over.
Calderdale Council is appealing for volunteers to help carry toads across the roads so they can hop safely into spring.  More
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