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Nesting instinct

I have a pair of Collared Doves at Barkisland with new nest, no eggs yet. This mild spell might induce them. It’s in a big evergreen shrub, their usual site. (Update – 2 eggs at 11.30am on 23rd Dec. two is their usual clutch size, in common with most dove species; I  have seen three, but this could have been a case of  egg “dumping” by another female.)

Starlings aren’t common in my garden, but a chattering coming from round the side of the house prompted me to look and there was one just coming out of the box, and his/her mate up on the troughing. This box was first used by them last summer. I’m not aware of them nesting unseasonably, but they’re obviously booking their spot for later.

Not nesting but feeding, I had a Goldcrest in a large Norway Spruce in Hanson Lane yesterday, one that was probably a Christmas tree many years ago. The bird seemed out of context, among the terraced streets.

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Derivation of the word “Spruce Tree”

As part of the word “spruce,” there is “Pruce”. This was an old form of the designation of the former (1525-1935) Germanic nation known as Prussia.

An expression like “das Pruce” evolved to refer to the region’s main evergreen tree (aka Prussian fir) with the preceding word “s” misinterpreted for being part of the word; thus making “spruce.”   


Well I’ve never heard that explanation before!

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Have your say!

Just a reminder to have your say about the Brearley Fields and also Milner Royd/Copley Valley sites –  both online questionnaires need to be sent back by 31st December 2017
Brearley Fields
Calderdale Council are undertaking a consultation as to what to do with Brearley Fields site, plans which could include a wetland habitat with reeds.
Click the link below to have your say and contribute to its future.
Milner Royd/Copley Valley
A major funding bid is in progress which includes Copley Valley Green Corridor, which runs along the south bank of the River Calder, and Milner Royd Nature Reserve. If successful, there will be funds to develop the biodiversity and recreational potential of these sites.

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