Had a walk around Cromwell Wood and Marshall’s yards yesterday.
Finally found the Witches Butter Fungus with its parasitic fungus attached that Alison G and Peachysteve discovered in Calderdale. (See Mycology Blog .)

We also found a self generated Japanese Holly Fern Cyrtomium falcatum at the base of a drystone wall at Southowrham; a good-sized plant a few years old. I’ve seen this happen once before at Todmorden, when a small plant appeared in wall mortar but didn’t survive when transplanted. It is known for “going wild”
in Europe and America.

Something I’ve never seen is Juniper berries ripen in Calderdale (These are at Barkisland.). There’s no wild Juniper here, but many in gardens. The pictures show ripe and unripe berries which I assume will ripen next year if we get another hot period as last year. I’ve often seen the green berries before, but never the shiny black ones. The nearest wild junipers I’ve seen are on the Old Man of Coniston Fell in the Lake District.