This tree in Nidderdale caught my eye. It was in a field and appeared nearly dead and not worth looking at. But I could see there was something about it that made me climb a fence to have a closer look.

It was an old Rowan that had suffered badly, perhaps from grazing animals eating its bark. This should have made the tree go into terminal decline and as you can see it was well on the way to expiring.

What the Rowan decided to do next is remarkable. It sent aerial roots down through its own decayed trunk, using its own mulch of nutrients to keep alive. The old carapace then burst open and a new tree has appeared with strong multiple roots and stems. The old crown has decayed and fallen over, to be replaced by a lower and younger crown.

The resilience of trees is amazing.
                                                Rowan tree in the distance next to the wall
A closer look showing severe decay
New aerial roots bursting forth
Dead carapace bursting open to reveal a new tree