There might be a chance to see Aurora borealis, Northern Lights tonight,we need Amber or Red Aurora Alerts from Aurora Watch Uk to be with any chance of seeing them locally,there is already Yellow Alert so hopefully it might build up later tonight Midnight to early hours ! i will update this blog later on if we get Amber/Red Alerts,and of course clear skies.we need to be up on the tops away from the Orange glow of towns and Citys,easier said then done locally,and should be looking North if unsure of the direction if the Plough Constellation is roughly where you are looking that is the right spot,it can start off as a very faint Green glow,but, it can suddenly change,anyone wanting to have a go at photographing them ,basically a DSLR is the best bet with a fast Wide Angle Lens set to its lowest f number f1.8 or so set to infinity on manual, and 25 or 30second shutter speeds at iso 400  or higher,and a Tripod .regards Brian.