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Ogden Water December 2014

We went looking for Pithya vulgaris in December. Although we found some small specimens they did not photograph very well. We did do a little better with the ones shown below, all are unidentified so an I.D. would be appreciated. 

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Fungi at Ogden

One of my first this season and rather pretty fungi was seen at Ogden on Thursday on grass. My (wild) guess as to species is Coprinus plicatilis. I trust our local experts will correct me.

Alison suggests that this is one of the many Parasola and can only be identified microscopically. As the specimen has gone we can go no further. 

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Cromwell Bottom January 11th 2014

These fungi were seen whilst we collected the old birds nests from the boxes

Jelly Ear fungus – Auricularia auricula-judea

The same, showing how translucent these can be

Found on a dead branch

Many thanks to Peachy Steve and Alison this is now identified as Plicatura crispa

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Ogden, Christmas day

We had a brisk walk round the reservoir in the morning and saw the expanding Pithya vulgaris along a long stretch of path side. Also present were what I think may be Orange Cup?

Pithya vulgaris

Orange cup?

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Cromwell Bottom 19th December 2013

Hi Alison

This fungi was close to the canal on dead wood. Browner than the picture shows and initially looked like jelly ear. The fungi was hollow when squeezed and bag like. I think it probably is Jelly ear but not seen it hollow like this. Can you confirm or otherwise. I need to set up my camera properly.

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Brown Birch Boletes at Cromwell Bottom

Last nights visit by eight members of the “41 Club” and four from the Cromwell Bottom Group was very enjoyable. The evening weather was perfect. Graham, our Chair ably described the site and its ancient and modern history. Many rare and interesting plants were shown as were lots of projects that have been completed or ongoing. Amongst the finds was the fungi shown below.

                       Brown Birch Boletes

This Brown Birch Boletes is about 9″ across. It’s the biggest I have seen.

The smaller one below was turned over and the underside shown. The spots look unusual as I cannot find that feature in the book.

       Brown Birch Boletes

Many thanks to Alison for final I.D.

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