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Hardcastle Crags Woodland Management controversy.

There is a thread running on the Hebweb site. (Discussion.) I have contributed as has Phillip Marshall, along with several other contributors.

Some people just don’t get it that it is necessary and will be for the benefit of birds, plants, insects and flowering plants, not to mention fungi, ferns and small mammals including bats.

They see a few felled trees and make an emotional judgement that it is thoughtless vandalism. It isn’t. It has been carefully thought through, and will improve the Crags (one ‘g’) for all wildlife, including native tree species.

2021-01-26T21:29:38+00:00January 26th, 2021|2 Comments

Birds can nest right through the summer

Thrushes (inc. Blackbirds) and finches can breed right throught the summer, in hedges, isolated shrubs (trimmed or untrimmed) and in ivy on walls or trees. So take care when trimming or cutting back.

The photo is of newly-hatched Dunnock chicks. The nest was in variegated Euonymus in a garden at Barkisland. It’s a shrub usually used for ground-cover, so very vulnerable to trimming or trampling.

2020-08-02T08:32:00+01:00July 11th, 2020|1 Comment
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