As a change from the annual Bluebell Walk round Elland Park Wood this year we are following the river along from Elland; meet 10.30 at junction with Gasworks Lane, half way along the Elland Bridge.

You can take yourself back in time before the canal was there and before the main road from Elland to Brighouse was built, and imagine the sweep of bluebells going right up the hillside from the river.

It was at this period in history the Autumn Crocus must have been introduced from the Pyrenees, and there are at least two spots where we will see the leaves, which are only up in spring. In fact spring is the best time to locate the patches, as the flowers are so short-lived.

Lots of other interesting plants and birds too!

It’s a fairly easy walk, with no great hills but there will be some moderately muddy footpaths.
About 3 miles.