Last week during the warm weather we had numerous Brimstone butterflies in our woodland at Todmorden.
In the past there have been the occasional sightings and some years none at all.
Perhaps it is a combination of the warm spring and the maturing Alder Buckthorn we planted 30 years ago.
The woodland is of an open character with glades.
I would recommend anyone who does tree planting to include Alder Buckthorn and it thrives in damp ground.

Difficult to get closer for a good photo–looks to be feeding on the bluebells.

The Brimstone is one of the world’s longest lived butterflies.
It also chooses to hibernate in Ivy.
A banking was covered in Ivy, then it was all eaten within a few winter months by Roe deer.
Apparently Ivy is the main food source for Roe in the winter months.
They left the banking with all the rope-like surface runners, like a net spread over the ground.
The Ivy isn’t dead and is now growing new leaves.

See photo for the browse height on this gatepost; so measure the height and it will give you a guide when saplings can be released from having the leader nibbled off.