Many of you will have visited Towneley Park at Burnley but may not have seen this 400+ year old pollard Oak. It is not mentioned on any of the info boards or fingerposts within the Park. The only noticeboard is adjacent to the actual site and comes as a surprise.

But of all the people that pass by, I never see anyone looking at the tree. Perhaps people don’t ‘see’ trees outside of a woodland.

This Oak perfectly illustrates the notion “You don’t find Ancient Trees in Ancient Woodland”. They have separate histories and keep at arms length.

My first photo was taken in June 10 years ago. The others in January 2018. Notice the long meadow grass in the earlier photo and the present sheep nibbled grass.

Maybe they will move the sheep out and let the meadow grow for the summer. I hope so—the tree will be nourished by the long grass and will keep the roots moist in a dry summer. Sheep congregate under trees and too much Nitrogen deposited via dunging can damage the essential soil-fungi/root relationship.

Seek this tree out if you are in Burnley–old trees benefit from being looked at. They get lonely otherwise.

                                                                       June 2008

                                                                      January 2018