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We found quite a lot of fungi on the unimproved grassland this afternoon. Most of it was in tatters, looking past it’s best but we did find two interesting specimens. We didn’t have a lot of time to search for more and we’re not really into fungi identification…are these some sort of Waxcap ?

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Waxcap season has come early!

Spangle Waxcap was the first one spotted last week

Then I found White Spindles, several patches

Then the Parrot Waxcaps started to pop up

Then I found a Honey Waxcap

Then an Oily Waxcap

And finally the remains of a Meadow Waxcap

All of these were seen in the last week in fields at the farm.

The pictures are just snapped on the phone as I found them.

Such a range of species in July is very unusual but hopefully it’s a sign of a good Waxcap season ahead.

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I saw these fungi in the Tod Park woods.

I think the bracket fungi is Dryads Saddle and it occurred on this Sycamore a couple of years ago.

The other is Dogs Vomit fungi which I have not come across in the wood before.

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