I have noticed Dutch Elm disease has taken hold of semi-mature Elms this summer in Todmorden.

Affected foliage is wilting and dying progressively from the crown downwards.

I have seen younger Elms affected by this disease over the last couple of years but it now seems to have got more serious.

Has anyone noticed Elms down the valley with signs of DED?

We still have many old Elms that escaped the last serious outbreak of 25-30 years ago.

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Black bryony and yellow rattle.

This black bryony Dioscorea communis always makes an appearance, just three climbing stems every year. Its in a small hedge on the junction of Jayhouse Lane and Highmoor lane in Clifton. Quite a tropical looking plant and more common on base rich soils.

Just around the corner in the grass verge is a small patch of the interesting parasitic plant yellow rattle Rhinanthus minor.

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Rishworth Plant Walk

I went for a plant walk today. A couple of IDs please.

I believe this is The Variegated Subspecies of Yellow Archangel Lamiastrum galeobdolon subsp. Argentatum.

I know of this plant’s subspecies at two sites here in Rishworth.

Above is a picture of Fox and Cubs Pilosella aurantiaca

Above is the local Harebell Campanula Rotundifolia population.

Below are first a Hard Fern Blechnum spicant and then two of the Broad Buckler Dryopteris dilatata.     

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Rishworth – Pink Toadflax

Along with some Purple Toadflax, I found a few of these, Pink Toadflax.

I assume they are a cultivar of Common Toadflax x Purple Toadflax? Any comments welcome.

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Lammas Growth

Red Lammas growth on Oak tree, which occurs in June/July. Named after the Christian festival of Loaf-Mass which occurred on August 1st.

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