Hardcastle Crags Woodland Management controversy.

There is a thread running on the Hebweb site. (Discussion.) I have contributed as has Phillip Marshall, along with several other contributors.

Some people just don’t get it that it is necessary and will be for the benefit of birds, plants, insects and flowering plants, not to mention fungi, ferns and small mammals including bats.

They see a few felled trees and make an emotional judgement that it is thoughtless vandalism. It isn’t. It has been carefully thought through, and will improve the Crags (one ‘g’) for all wildlife, including native tree species.

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BSBI Online maps

For those that ae interested in plants, On the BSBI website there is a plant distribution map section. If you search into there a plant species, e.g Red Campion Silene Dioica you will get a distribution map that you can zoom in on and have a look

Just a Tip

Any comments welcome

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no contact

Unfortunately there is no contact from the Blog to any links except the fungi blog!
Please rectify.

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Moorland Flowers – Oxygrains – Rishworth Moor – 22nd July – A Mystery Plant As well

I went to Oxygrains today and saw a few bits and bobs.
Hope you enjoy and this mystery plant is quite interesting.

Mystery Plant – Foliage and Flowers

Mystery Plant – Flowers

Heath Bedstraw
So common here in Rishworth and area

Herb Robert ‘album’
A few plants of this, new to me,
not the species, this form.

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Rishworth – Orchids and IDs…!

A really nice plant walk today. I really enjoyed seeing my first Orchid. Just so it is clear, on the captions I have added Rishworth to them

Common Mallow, Rishworth

Red Campion, Rishworth

Harebells, Rishworth – Never seen these before

Common Green Grasshopper, Rishworth
Tormentil and Creeping Cinquefoil, Rishworth

Creeping Cinquefoil leaves, Rishworth

A different Harebell plant, Rishworth

Common Spotted Orchid, Rishworth

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Events Update

Further to the notice about indoor meetings being cancelled for the foreseeable future.
We have decided that we can continue the walks programme subject to social distancing rules.
Walks will resume starting Saturday 8th August.
It would be helpful if anyone planning to attend could contact walk leaders (or get a message to them) beforehand.
Numbers may be limited in some cases and some walks may not go ahead dependent on the event.
Please check the blog and the new website http://www.halifaxscientificsociety.org.uk/events/ for updates.

Saturday 8th August – 10:30 to 15:30
A Ryburn Tributary Walk
A walk in a watercourse, wet feet are likely
This is a great way to cover new ground and see little known features in the landscape.
Exact location dependent on water levels on the day
Meet Peachysteve on Halifax Road, Kebroyd.  HX6 3HN
3 miles

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Rishworth – Plant walk and a couple of IDs

Can’t put my finger on this. It has nettle-like leaves

Confused on this aswell

The mystery plant with nettle leaves again

Birds Foot Trefoil on the slope where the Burnet moths live

Went for a walk today. Found a few Purple Toadflax and some interesting IDs. The above video is what I think is Common Toadflax at the start of the video.

The mystery Toadflax plant

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