For those of you who know the park in Todmorden, there has been a major landslip on Lovers’ Walk.
The large Beech tree which grew on this banking fell over with the landslip;
this is the 4th huge tree to fall in this same small area in 6 years.
Waterlogging of the soil is a major factor.
Interesting to note the remains of the original retaining wall is now exposed after 180 years.
I doubt anyone knew it was there. It could be this retaining wall was built before the making of Lover’s Walk and then the level walk made by cutting into the rear banking;
all spoil then placed as a covering slope in front.
Not the best walling job so not made to be seen.
Waterlogged soil
The path had been subsiding for a while, see the recent tarmac infill
Remains of original retaining wall built 1840 and the covering soil has now slipped away
Fallen Beech tree, with another leaning badly