At the monthly meeting last night when we were treated to Philip Marshall’s excellent talk on historic trees I announced in the second part of the meeting that there was to be a walk to Howarth from Mount Tabor on Friday 11th August, (returning by bus we had planned.)

Unfortunately I had forgotten it is the Cromwell Bottom Open Day on Sat.12th, where we are due to have a stall. Due to this I will have to postpone this walk. (See the link to the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group on this blog.)

It is an impromptu walk ( not in the programme.) Some of us want to to commemorate the book “A Spring-time Saunter” by Whiteley Turner about a four-day walk he did in 1904. We were prompted by the upcoming talk “Uncovering Bronte Country” which we are hosting on September 12th.

I will obviously go to the meeting-point to check if anyone turns up.