– with thanks to Hugh Firman for the links
Probably most know this already but here is the link if individuals wish to comment on Cromwell Bottom:
You probably know there is also a consultation for Norland Moor and here is the link, you may wish to comment or  mention ways in which the moorland can be improved for birds.

       There is certainly a paucity of birds on Norland Moor. Our archives at Halifax Scientific Society show that in the 19thC there was a variety of waders to be found there (often they were shot). I don’t think the shooting will be remembered by the birds today.
      Also it is stated that Twite nests were easily found at Norland Moor, though the species is dependent on surrounding grassland having the right mixture of seed producing plants. There was also a lot more control of mammalian and avian predators.    
      Not that I am supporting any kind of shooting or other anti-social and inhumane ways of killing animals.