A beautiful walk in the sun around Cromwell Bottom and along the canal bank this morning. The usual common birds singing, the most noticeable being Blackcap and ChiffChaff. Many common butterflies and a lot of Azure damselflies and a couple of Common Blue damselflies. Grasshoppers were busy and I found this Southern Marsh Orchid
along with a few smaller ones together in a small area.

                The ponds are extremely dry with no water visible from the path in a couple of them.The wildflowers are quite beautiful there at the moment. Plenty of bees around, Buff Tail, Common Carder, White Tail and Tree bumblebee, which now seems quite common in the area.
In the canal I saw a large shoal of grey fish. My first thought was Grey Trout but I’m not sure that they would be in the canal. Any thoughts on this?