Two of us from the Scientific Society out for a walk in the mid-Calderdale area on Sat. 7th April, saw a badger outside its sett, on a rock, at 14.55. Never seen one except at dusk, or dead by the side of the road, but this one was lively enough, as it soon turned and disappeared down its sett.

Tree Bumble Bee in my garden at Dudwell Lane. A recent colonist from Europe, first identified in 2001. They often have their colony in a bird nest box, as they did here last year.

Birds breeding here: Great Tit in a box, 2 prs Blue Tits ( one in a box, one in a natural tree hole), Dunnock in the privet hedge,
Robins courtship feeding constantly but I can’t find the nest, frustratingly,
Greenfinches, 2 prs present – one female was building in a cypress  until a magpie came and disturbed her. (Think she has now changed nest site).
Some bird ate the first Blackbird’s egg – probably a magpie. The pulled-up nest lining is a sign of a bird predator. The eggshell was on the veg patch adjacent to the nest.  The Blackbird has built again very low in the opposite beech hedge – 1 egg today.