A male Orange-tip visited some Forget-me-nots in my garden briefly mid-day today.
I thought they were only known to feed from Cuckoo-flower.

Small treasures like this make Calderdale a great place to live. We don’t  have many national rarities.
Perhaps the Yellow Birds-nest plants at Todmorden and Cromwell Bottom Local Nature Reserve are the best candidates. Unfortunately Network Rail have informed that the one at Todmorden is on land where they would like to extend the carpark for Todmorden Station. They don’t need planning permission! Sorry to be the poster of bad news. Must write to Network Rail tomorrow with my positive suggestions to save it.

Here are some of my target species to see soon, sad ommisions from my British “Life List”, to borrow a twitching term.
Most will involve trips around the country, but some not very far.

I MUST see:

Mountain Hare (Pennines just South of here.)
Sand Lizard
Pine Marten
Scottish Wild Cat
Stoat in ermine
Most bats
Large Blue Butterfly
Lamprey  (Confidently claimed to have been videoed recently in the Ryburn.)
Ten-spined Stickleback
Sea Eagle
Smooth Snake
Edible Dormouse
Deadly Nightshade
Dryas octopetala
Death Cap fungus
Minke Whale (or any whales.)
Emporer Moth
Privet Hawk-moth
Stag Beetle
Feral Wild Boar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . more than I thought. Won’t see them all this year!