I suggested to Alex Liddell of LDN Architects that while they were building a new library, they might as well incorporate some Swift nest boxes in the walls. This was last year, and yesterday I heard they are going in !
He is sourcing some from www.swift-conservation.org.

I know the new library project is very unpopular with many library users, but it has been voted on by elected members of the Council and passed, so we have to work from the position we are at.

I had support over the Swift nest boxes from Carole Knowles and Andrew Pitts, senior managers with the Council at the meetings I attend along with other library users. We are called the Library Reference Group.
I also got them to consult Hugh Firman, Conservation Officer.

We are having some native plants among the landscaping and log piles to support invertebrates to encourage a variety of birds.

The library is planned to be ready in 2016.

View from Winding Road.
Projection of the new library built or “wrapped” round the old spire of the Square Chapel that burnt down. Square Chapel Centre for the Arts is on the left and Industrial Museum on the right.
You can view all the projections of the new building in the current library on asking.