The weather had actually warmed up a little, compared to what it had been at Park Wood and the sun had managed to make a small, but welcome appearance and so I was able to spend a few hours in the Crags without becoming totally numb.   

Coral Spot (Nectria sp.  I thought the bright red perithecia was very intricate and impressive.

Oak Mazegill (Daedalea quercina), cap above, pores below.

Dead Man’s Fingers (Xylaria polymorpha).

Southern Bracket (Ganoderma australe), above and below.

Witches’ Butter (Exidia glandulosa).

Artist’s Bracket (Ganoderma applanatum).

I do not know what the fungus or myxomycetes is above and below. However, I thought it quite interesting as the probable fruiting bodies looks like little red berries (see either side of the orange slime). If anyone can help with the identification, I would be very grateful.