Michael Sykes, myself  and my magnificent mini mycologist Oliver had a foray and we managed to find quite a few species. Some were in better condition than others especially the Boletus calopus, but it pleased Oliver as it was really colourful and he enjoyed touching the pores and staining them blue. Everything was later taken home and positively identified examined under the microscope.

Charcoal Burner (Russula cyanoxantha), above and three below.

Stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus).

 Penny Bun (Boletus edulis), Michael’s photograph.

A young Artist’s Bracket (Ganoderma applanatum).

Bitter Beech Bolete (Boletus calopus), above and below, noted to be occasional and not very common.

Pale Stagshorn (Calocera pallidospathulata)
A very tatty Tawny Grisette (Amanita fulva).

Purple Brittlegill (Russula atropurpurea/krombholzii), above and below.

Ceratiomyxa fructiculosa, a slime mould.