This must be the broadest trunked Spruce in Calderdale. I believe it’s Norway Spruce, Picea abies, the one that used to be the most popular for Christmas trees till we found Nordmann (Caucasian) Fir, Abies nordmanniana had advantages. The tallest Norway Spruces we have are perhaps those along the Hebden Water in Hardcastle Crags, downstream of Gibson Mill.

The blue around the red of Robins’ breasts seems more noticeable in winter. It even continues over the front of the crown. Hunger drives the Robin nearer us on frosty days, and the cold causes them to fluff up their feathers for insulation.

This Birch beside the Calder in the park hosts more and bigger Witches Brooms, caused by the fungus Taphrina betulina, than any other I’ve seen.
There were c.110 Mallards on the Hebden Water in the town centre, only one showing signs of hybridisation, and on the Calder beside the park there were five Goosanders, along with a very elegant Heron in full breeding dress, its plumes wafting in the breeze.