Hi Steve

We have completed a baseline survey of the moor with Chris Sutcliffe
(Calderdale MBC Countryside Officer).

Chris Sutcliffe has recommended the Halifax Scientific Society may be
able to help us complete a more detailed survey.

In the long term we would like to have all the species of wildlife and
plants on the moors listed, in which areas and which seasons, food
webs and food chains etc however, we lack the knowledge to do this.

We have contacted Calderdale MBC to see if the area could be made into
a Local Nature Reserve.

Would the Society be interested in helping us with the survey?

I have attached the survey and a general map of the area.


Kelly Reid

From Steve: this is a large open area above Halifax Golf Club, north of Halifax. 
Do we have a member living near there, who would like to take a lead on this? You
don't have to be an expert on species, just organise an initial visit, show us round, 
keep notes, and correspond  for us with Kelly; that sort of thing.