Found this in a tiny pond near “The Barn” beside Thornhill Beck Lane, Clifton. It was probably brought in from a garden centre, but still interesting. There is only one record for Calderdale in West Yorkshire Plant Atlas – at Clifton ! This was reported by Jill Lucas of the YNU before 1994. Must find out if it was in the same pond. It’s possible it could be a hybrid between Bulrush and Lesser Bulrush.

Bur-reed is here in the tiny pond also; another rarity but with more records. It has spiky green balls for flowers.

Also on the walk :
Road-killed toad at “The Barn”. The lane might be a candidate for a toad patrol to be set up as many were said to have been killed last spring.
12 Stock Doves together at “The Barn”
10 Mistle Thrushes together in a field at the top of Jay House Lane
Curlew calling near Whitaker Pits Farm – (present since late winter and thought to have bred.)
30 Goldfinches together feeding on Thistle seeds.
No Tree Sparrows seen but core area not visited – only a few House Sparrows around.
About 4 chiff-chaffs in various places.
A Moorhen with a fairly young juvenile at the big dam above the railway.

Lesser Bulrush 
                                                                                              Typha angustifolia
At the dam lower down, just above the old railway, this horse had waded right in to graze on the submerged water plants. It was pulling big bunches out, shaking a lot of the water off, then munching them down. It’s not surprising that many parasites of large mammals have an aquatic stage.  
Not for wildlife
                                                                                                        interest, just for the “aah”.