Here is an extract from an information board at Silverdale. I find it astonishing that Small Leaved Lime can be thousands of years old. At one time is was the dominant tree of the wildwood in many parts of England and not the Oak.

I have planted a few Small Leaved Lime (Tilia cordata) and they are fast growing on suitable sites. They are insect pollinated and bees love the summer blossom. Stand under a Lime tree and listen to the hum of the bees.

I wish it were included in tree planting schemes but it seems a forgotten tree. It coppices and pollards reliably. It grows the tallest of any native tree and tolerates shade nearly as much as Beech. Maybe the Common Lime used in many roadside plantings have given it a bad reputation, particularly with car owners.

Let’s speak up for T. cordata and include it in the new plantations.