Had a hunch there might be some in St John’s Churchyard, Rishworth and there are ! Just five blooms today, closed up. They’re at the base of a small Rowan tree on the right of the path going up to the church from the bottom entrance on Godley Lane. SE034179

There are also some in St. John’s Churchyard, Bradshaw.


Ryburn Valley is one of the richest areas for the plant, with currently 14 sites, three of which have not been refound, though one of these was reported recently without exact directions.

It’s said in the records to be “In a field adjacent to Goat House.” This is apparently attached to the Royal Pub. (now Malt House?) But I havn’t been able to get into a field adjacent.

There is a lower Goat House on the bottom side of the Oldham Rd.but I don’t think this is the house.  I could be wrong.