On Tuesday 12th August evening meeting we are breaking a long tradition and having a walk after a short indoor meeting at the usual rooms and time.

We are meeting in the room, having a short tutorial on bats  for those who want it, then taking a walk of about one mile round the bottom end of town to look for bats and listen for them with a  bat detector/ detectors. There were a few bats in the Piece Hall roof last year. Hugh Firman, Director of the Yorkshire Bat Group, had hoped to be with us but is not able to be there so it will be a member leading.

All members and prospective members including children are very welcome.

We will also be surveying the wealth of plant life/ flowers that are on the outskirts of town, both wild and planted, with a view to publishing as a report. This has never been done before.

If it is a poor night for weather we could still have a tutorial on local bats and then a social including a discussion on what we want to do for the programme of events in 2015, as it is about time to start thinking about it. We couldn’t plan much at the Council meeting last night as only three members were available unfortunately.

(Great posts and pics below, Alison, Charlie and Peachysteve.)