King Alfred’s Cakes/Cramp Balls (Daldinia concentrica) on Ash (Fraxinus excelsior).

Diaporthe samaricola on fallen Ash keys – seed end.

Witches’ Butter (Exidia glandulosa).

Here is the undescribed hyphomycete on the hymenium of  E. glandulosa. It was barely visible to the naked eye and just looked like a small white fuzzy patch. Chris Yeates and Peter Roberts from Kew have found it and it was Chris that confirmed that I had also discovered it. When I get some more information I shall update you in due course.

Hyphae like cells with clamps. No basidiospores seen.

The two allantoid spores are from the E. glandulosa.

Here you can see here a few lengths of narrower hyphae with clamps.