Looking East from Pudsey Clough towards Todmorden. Stoodley Pike just visible. 
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Viburnum bodnantense in its November glory. Flowers all winter 
and has a gorgeous scent. This is at Back Rough Farm, by the track.

A waterfall, name unknown, and a Wych Elm, not yet leafless.

Winter sun.

Not many birds about, but Raven seen well and its “pruck pruck” call heard; nuthatch down here in the valley. I  found a singing male Ring Ouzel up by the quarry once in spring.  It’s the most mountainous corner of Calderdale.
The stream was strongly coloured with peat as it poured through the cylindrical stone culvert under the quarry track. This is a rare type of construction in the Pennine Hills .Only 2 people on the walk.