It has been our best year yet for toads and also volunteers!
All progress in the Todmorden area can be found on the Facebook toad blog ‘Todmorden Toad Rescue Group ‘
Cheryl & team at Woodhouse had most ever in one night -71 and quite a few casualties. Gordon & Eileen at Lumbutts also had most ever in a night too with 113 males & 16 females!
Lumbutts possibly slowing down but had over 300 so far, Portsmouth the same even despite very cold wind – 160 of them and lots of newts too.
Newly discovered sites include Ogden and Boulderclough where Steve and team rescued 273 toads and also 5 newts!
Hebden bridge sites Hebden hey – 76 toads and 28 newts and very few casualties, Stubbing 19 and finally 17 live at Horsehold

If anyone is interested in getting involved please contact