Autumn Crocus Walk. Saturday 24th of September 2016
We made a quick visit to one of the sites in Bradshaw prior to next Saturday’s walk. Bradshaw Church grounds have approx 200 blooms.
Lets hope that they are still fresh next Saturday.
Meet Bruce at School Lane top at 10:30 or Bradshaw Church car park at 10:45 for a 3 mile stroll up to Ogden and down to Holmfield for more Autumn Crocus.

A  few of the blooms at Bradshaw Church 18/9/2016

Report: We had a brilliant walk, with 8 of us involved. There were about 200 blooms in Bradshaw Church yard, under the east boundary wall. There were about 150 blooms in the bottom of the valley beside the hollow Sycamore with the hole right through its trunk, and there was a good count of 58 ( gaining year on year,) beside the beck at Oats Royd, where the ponds are.  We ate our lunch beneath the trees at Ogden Water, explored the top of Soil Hill, viewing from there north to the hills in the Dales, and east to the white horse at Kilburn, over the other side of the Vale of York. Our mid-afternoon break and snacks were taken looking out over one of the Oats Royd ponds. 

A new observation of the plant is that, though I said in my booklet “The Mystery of the Autumn Crocus” (still available) that I had never seen the plant set seed in Calderdale, I can now prove that they do occasionally do this, as a capsule with seeds appeared in a pot in my garden this spring 2016. (I have some under observation in a pot after digging them with permission from a site on private land, out of sight of the public.) Steve.