The plan is to go and see the site of the former Halifax Zoo at Exley, on Saturday 24th January.
The walk follows on from the fascinating talk and presentation by David Glover at the last indoor meeting. I certainly learned a lot more about the history of the Zoo and Amusement Park.

Meet at Stainland Rd. – Just after the mini-roundabout there is a lay-bye for users of the canal bank.
My car won’t be there to allow more space. I’ll be walking down Bankhouse Wood from Dudwell Lane.
Leaving All Saints Church at Dudwell Lane at 10.15. if anyone wants to meet me there.
Leaving the lay-bye in Stainland Rd at 10.45 to go on the canal bank towards Elland, crossing the canal on the footbridge, following the Calderdale Way across the bye-pass (there is a pedestrian refuge in the middle,) up the wood (where the escaped bear was recaptured) to the Zoo site, and back by a different route, either short or longer, depending on everyone’s preferences.  Total 1.5 to 2.5 hours. As this walk is a bit shorter than the usual, we won’t be stopping for a picnic.

There is a short but not dangerous scramble up the last few yards to the Zoo site.

We might have time to cross Stainland Road to see the colourful Scarlet Elf Cup fungus Sarcoscypha austriaca that Michael found near the confluence of the Calder and Hebble rivers. It’s just starting to appear for the winter.

If you need more detail please feel free to contact me (before 8.00pm if possible please.)               Mobile 0771 500 5379

Scarlet Elf Cap
Sarcoscypha austriaca
Calder and Hebble 19.1.15