The meadows contained a nice selection of grassland species including 2 Chimmney Sweepers, Green-veined Whites, Silver Ground Carpets, a couple of grass moths: Chrysoteuchia culmella and Crambus lathoniellus (Top). A personal favourite was a fresh looking Small Copper (below) awaiting some warm sunshine to become mobile.
The pathways contained occasional Small Tortoiseshells, one Peacock, two Glyphipterix fuscoviridella, countless Nettle-taps and good numbers of Cocksfoot Moths (above) nectaring on Buttercups. The trip ended in great style with a beautiful White Ermine beside the main road at Lob Mill. (below, photo from one found earlier in the week).
Other species recorded were Northern Eggar (C12 larvae), Coleophora serratella (plenty of mines), Celypha lacunana, Brown Silver-line and the ubiquitous Stigmella aurella and Eriocrania subpurpurella mines.