A Bee-fly, thesame species seen in three different parts of Skircoat. My first.

Same Bee-fly

I was really excited to find this – a Cuckoo Bee I’m fairly certain.
Almost hairless abdomen.

Cuckoo Bee

Cuckoo Bee visiting Saxifrage. Has no pollen baskets as it need not store food – other species of Bumble Bee are parasitised.

Luronium natans in the canal. I thought it was a red data list plant but Geoffrey Wilmore seems to disagree in the YNU Journal 

Grass Vetchling at the Meadow at Cromwell Bottom Local Nature reserve

Masses of it colouring the meadow on 15.6.14

White Horse of Kilburn near Sutton Bank in East Yorkshire. We went to find it on Sunday. You can walk up and across the top of it.
You can see it with a telescope on a good day from near the Ovenden Wind Farm.
It’s about 45 miles away, North-east.