Re my previous post (below) There is a long response on the Courier Website to the front page news in the Courier last Friday.

It’s from  Anne Kirker, Secretary of Halifax Antiquarian Society, with whom we share the meeting rooms at the Central Library.

She is leading the DBOL Campaign – “Don’t bulldoze our library”. they have a website but when I searched I just got a site selling performance enhancing drugs for athletes.

I did find it by searching for ” Calderdale don’t bulldoze our Library.”

She writes a long and very well reasoned argument against the way the survey was done for the Council by IPSOS Mori about their plans to knock down the Central Library.

If you can’t find it, or don’t have time to read it all, can I pick out her closing paragraph, and second her suggestions.

“For the rest of us, our only way of influencing proceedings will be to go to the Cabinet Meeting on 12 November and the full council meeting on 28 November and make our views known. And in the meantime, we can write to our own councillors urging them to stop this madness.”

I will certainly be going along.

I have written to my three Local Councillors, plus two I know of in other wards and Halifax’s MP Linda Riordan (Her email is

You can get your Councillors’ emails off the Calderdale Council Website.

In other parts of England, Councils have been reported to the Local Government Ombudsman for failing to comply with their statutory duties to provide adequate library facilities, and are under judicial review. (Somerset is one I heard of.)