This was originally sent via email by Linda Kingsnorth on 2/12/2010 . I have taken the liberty of posting again it here.

Please send this to everybody you know who will help us it is really easy to do and will only take a few minutes, but could make a difference.

“The Government’s badger cull consultation ends on December 8. If the cull is approved thousands of healthy badgers will be killed
in a futile, unscientific bid to reduce bTB in cattle. As a matter or urgency could you please email everyone you know urging them to oppose the cull and ask them to contact all their friends with a similar request. All they need to do is to email with a message along these lines:

“Government’s bovine TB consultation on a badger control policy: these are my responses: Question 1: I am opposed to to what I see as an unscientific and futile cull which could make matters worse. Questions 2,3,4,5 and 6: my answer to each is NO.

Q 7: YES. Vaccination of badgers and cattle offers the best long-term answer. Q 8: NO
My name and address is as follows……………….” The link to the Questions is:

And (thanks to Steve Cummings and Nick Carter) the link to the Consultation Document:-          Thank You.