Hi all,

A quick update on the Toad Crossings in Calderdale.
Firstly, last night at Washer Lane, Steve, Hugh and Lisa were joined by Calendar News, and a report should be broadcast on Calendar tonight after the news at 6pm – tune in!

At Lumbutts, Tuesday saw 105 toads helped across the roads and 14 casualties, with more toads on the move expected last night. Pub traffic keeps the road busy, so if you happen to be there at any time feel free to engage in some toad chat with folks at the bar! They’ve had around 200 toads over the last week, and on Tuesday were joined by Matt Wilson, a keen herpetologist who has immortalised Gordon and Margaret’s endeavours on his own blog, the European Amphibian & Reptile Blog.

Hebble End crossing has had plenty of activity, and last night well over 40 toads were helped, thanks to the volunteers there!

Woodhouse Road in Todmorden has also had toads on the move, but remains hazardous, with a lot of traffic leading to some casualties.

Hebden Hey has had about 70 toads over the past couple of nights, and 4 newts as a bonus. Thanks to the volunteers getting involved there, we should be able to help the toads on nights when the Scout Hut is in use.

I hope everyone has been able to get in touch with a Toad Crossing co-ordinator if they want to get involved, if you have any questions or issues please get in touch with Hugh Firman at the Countryside Services on email; Hugh.Firman@calderdale.gov.uk, or phone; 01422 393214. He can pass on your query to the right co-ordinator.

Keep a weather eye out for those toads!
Thanks, Christine.