The earliest I heard of were about a dozen at Lumbutts, around 14th. Last night, on 22nd about 50 were helped by toad patrollers at the same site. (I believe they may have enough helpers there.)
Tonight, 23rd, I got to Washer Lane (Sowerby Bridge) too late for one pair of toads at 7.30. Another single female was run over while I was down the hill, but I picked up 12 including a couple of females. These are bigger then the males, as you can see from the picture. When the male climbs on and grips her under the front legs this position is termed amplexus. It is common if not universal in anurans (frogs and toads) but newts mate in a completely different way.
The couple in the picture actually met in my bucket! I stayed till only 9.30 because they seemed to have stopped moving, but I have known us to be out till midnight on warm, damp evenings.
Volunteers need a torch and bucket. We can supply high visibility vests. We think these are essential.