As most of you will know, toads start to move to their historic breeding ponds at this time of year, especially on warm and wet evenings.  There are places where they have to cross or travel along roads and groups of people gather to pick up the toads into a bucket and transport them to a safe location.
The first reports are in:
First sightings of toads were at Shurcrack/ Shepherds Rest then Gordon and Eileen had some at Lumbutts but after that there was a lull due to the colder weather. Come the 7th of March it picked up again starting with a toad found in Cheryl’s courtyard at Woodhouse staring back at her from a hole! Carolyn saw some activity too nearby and Portia found some dead on the road at Pexwood but then a few days later found seven male Toads, six newts and frogs all un-squashed. Finally Christine at Rodmer Clough, Colden rescued several in the morning and Steve found his first toad of the year, at Thornhill Lane.
If you are interested in getting involved and helping a toad across the road the sites and their coordinates are as follows –
Todmorden – Portia – 01706-816698
–              Heather Bank Road
–              Tennis Pond (Stansfield Hall Road)
–              Dobroyd Road / Pexwood Road
–              Golf Course Pond
–              Bottomley Road
–              Shurcrack Farm / Lumbutts Road
–              Lumbutts
–              Woodhouse Road
–              Portsmouth Dam, Cornholme
Hebden Bridge – Betony –
–              Horsehold / Hebble End
–              Hebden Hey / Lee Wood Road
–              Stubbings
East Calderdale – Steve Blacksmith –
–              Washer Lane, Sowerby Bridge
–              Copley
–              Thornhills Beck Lane, Brighouse

For any more info please contact –