Trees are very late in coming into leaf this Spring. I have never seen such a reluctance in bud opening and there are many Oaks that still have their’s tightly shut.
Birch which is normally green by this time, is looking scrappy and tired and I have seen one which has only a few leaves as all the remaining buds and twigs are dead. Birch has looked desperate for a few years with their leaves heavily brown with rust.
Lime trees are struggling to open their full compliment of leaves. I have seen Hawthorns that have died suddenly over a couple of years. Elder bushes have died in a similar timescale. Sycamores, which normally are one of the earliest trees to leaf, have many that are still in bud.
I think last year’s never ending rain may have affected root systems, coupled with the lack of sunshine last year and this, plus the persistent below average temps.
Maybe trees will recover and catch up but I wonder if many are under severe stress.
Has anyone else any observations?