Meet at the New Lodge Fisheries on the middle road of Savile Park Moor, Halifax at 10.00am on Weds 25th Feb for a walk in

                                  HARDCASTLE CRAGS

To share cars as much as possible.  I have three seats spare in mine as I write. The walk will be about 3 hours. Bring packed lunch and something waterproof to sit on.

Ring or text Mobile 0771 500 5379 to confirm meeting place at Hardcastle Crags. (Either Midgehole or Widdop Road.)

Snow is forecast for today Sunday, so it may still be lying on Wednesday, which always makes the Crags a wonderful place for scenery.


     Hardcastle Crags – Slurring Rock Trail in April.
The Slurring Rock is the big sloping one which  it is said children used to be able to slide down when they wore metal-shod clogs. You can see the worn slope, and it is just about possible to slide down it with modern boots using leaf-litter on a dry day..


Report on the walk above: Five people walked from Midgehole up the river path to Gibson Mill, up the track to the calcareous rock outcrop, left down the narrow track to the top footbridge in the Crags (where we picnicked, then back to the mill down the river path. On reaching the mill we took the main track back to the car park.


We looked at the main known botanical hot-spots. A brilliant find was when I pointed out where the elusive Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage
was once known, but for many years and for many eyes it has been unfindable.

Peachysteve bent down and immediately found a plant, and we confirmed there is a quantity of it, lurking among the ubiquitous Opposite-leaved species.

We were back in Halifax by 3.00pm.


During the coming month, Halifax Scientific Society is proud to bring

                                 TIM MELLING   of the RSPB to the town on 10th March.

He will be giving a presentation on NATURE IN THE PENNINES at 7.15 in the comfortable downstairs meeting room of the Halifax Central Library. A lift gives access to this floor with the help of the caretaker.

This is the monthly meeting of the HALIFAX Scientific Society
                                                            WILDLIFE GROUP to which all members of the public are welcome. There is no charge, but donations are welcome to help pay for room hire.

Members of the public can enroll to be members of the society at these meetings, which is one of the ways to join, Otherwise you can start attending walks which take place once or twice a month. There are phone numbers behind the “Joining & Walks and Talks” tab at the top of this blog with more details of the whole year to come.

The walk arranged for March is to Cromwell Bottom on 28th March with practical explanation of how to survey for amphibians. Meet at 10.30 for 10.45 at the Anglers’ Car park. (Look for the brown nature reserve sign.) Bring packed lunch and something waterproof to sit on at lunch time