Not surprisingly, no-one turned up. The snow was coming pretty fast, though turning to slush.
Thanks to those who let me know they wouldn’t be coming. I still went along in case anyone turned up.

65 Mallard on Shibden Park Lake
48 Black-headed Gulls ( a couple with their full chocolate heads already)
6 Moorhens (a good count)
A few c.crows, jackdaws, one magpie, one jay.
No small songbirds evident.

Halifax Scientific Society is without a Minutes Secretary at the moment, after the retirement of Barbara Kirk who has served excellently for many years, but was having difficulty hearing announcements at the meetings. Thank you very much for your faithful service, Barbara. It is a rather specialist post to fill, as the secretary needs a fair knowledge of natural history and place-names in Calderdale, as well as being able to turn the transactions into a piece of readable prose. These pieces are then read out at the next meeting, for confirmation that the record is correct.

Our old annual general meeting records include one comment that “All the organised walks took place this year, if only the leader turned up on occasions.” !