I have never seen as many wasps in mid-September as this year. All our cars on the avenue have been covered in them for the last week or so, attracted no doubt by the honeydew from the adjacent Lime Trees. They are quite tame and unaggressive and seem a little undernourished. It won’t be long now before they are all gone for this year. I feel quite sorry for them.

Grasses are wind pollinated and don’t produce nectar, so you don’t associate bees with them. Yet today I saw dozens of small bees busily collecting pollen from the many flowering stems of Purple Moor Grass in our garden. They were excitedly landing on the delicate flowering heads, causing them to bounce up and down with the bees’ slender weight. I have never seen this behaviour before and wonder if vast acreage of the uplands with Purple Moor grass are feeding the bees?