Is it just me or is there something very odd with wildlife this year. There are no bees, no insects, no House Martins.

I walked for miles along a floriferous canal towpath, with Hawthorn in profuse blossom and only saw one bee. None of the blossom had any insects. I stopped to listen for the usual buzz and it was deathly quiet.

That walk was in hot sunny weather and down near Leamington Spa. It was the same in all the nature reserves nearby–nothing to be seen apart from the occasional Orange Tip butterfly.

On arriving back home I walked round the usual places that are normally full of bees and insects but all the flowers were silent.

Tod park usually has a good colony of House Martins nesting under the Sports’ Centre roof but not this year.

Please can someone reassure me that my experience is atypical.

Centre Vale Park Local Nature reserve